In recent years, there has been a growing trend among yacht guests for seeking out more adventurous and sporty destinations. Norway, with its rugged fjords, picturesque islands, and glaciers, has emerged as a highly desirable destination for superyachts. The country’s dramatic and breathtaking landscape, combined with its cool climate and long summer days, make it an ideal spot for those who enjoy outdoor activities and adventure. Furthermore, Norway is well-equipped with ports and anchorages, along with the variety of activities like hiking, fishing, and wildlife watching, add to its appeal as a destination for superyachts.

In addition to Fjord Norway offering a unique cruising experience with its beautiful topography, landscapes, and wonders of nature, Norway is considered a safe and secure country.  


Maiden voyages to non-EU countries offer economic advantages to superyacht owners. For yards in Northern Europe, this makes Norway an ideal destination. 

After a new build yacht has been delivered by the shipyard, the captain and crew can set about preparing the vessel and undergo sea trials whilst sailing across to a suitable Norwegian port. 

Meanwhile, the owners and their guests can fly directly to Norway, meet their brand-new yacht, and enjoy a spectacular cruise in the breathtaking fjords. It’s a win-win! 

WEATHER – Experience the seasons

Some might think of Norway as a snow-covered tundra where everyone travels by skis. In reality, the country is blessed with a fabulous mixture of weather that truly reflects the seasons. If you visit from mid-May to late August you might be surprised at just how many hours of sunshine you will get, not to mention the light, never-ending summer nights. 

Norway’s cool climate and long summer days make it an ideal destination for those who enjoy cooler temperatures and longer daylight hours.

Blossoming Spring
Endless Summer nights
Autumnal Bliss
Magical Winter


The diverse range of destinations one can visit in Norway should be able to fit almost everyone’s needs! From midnight golfing in broad daylight to deep-sea fishing with local experts, Norway has it all!